By Lisa Allen DO

Winter can be brutal to our skin, so if there was ever a season to up your skin-care game, it’s now. During the colder weather, our skin quickly dries out and becomes irritated. It gets dry, flaky and can sometimes even crack, but with some simple skin care tips you can still look and feel your best.

Keep Moisture in The Air

Skin is the barrier that keeps water inside of your body, so when it is dry and cold, water evaporates off of the surface faster. To prevent dryness, consider using a humidifier when inside and focus on remaining hydrated with extra glasses of water.

You Still Need SPF

Just because it is winter, doesn’t mean you should put away your sunscreen. I advocate using a sunscreen daily throughout the year to protect your skin. The SPF should be 30 or higher. Be sure it says broad spectrum’ on the label, which means it protects against UVA and UVB rays. I like Elta MD physical sunscreens.

Facial Cleanser

During the winter months, with dry air everywhere, you want to make sure your cleanser puts moisture into the skin, rather than taking it out, as this may disrupt the skin barrier. Your skin barrier is the outermost layer of the skin. If it is working properly, the skin barrier will retain water to keep your skin hydrated and smooth. It will also fend off environmental stressors.

Look for: Products that specifically say "gentle" and "moisturizing" on the label. Avoid products that contain alcohol, salicylic acid, and benzoyl peroxide as these can dehydrate the skin. Options for cleansers include CeraVe products which contain ceramides, Cetaphil and Glyderm Gentle Face Cleanser.

Facial Moisturizer

Lighter lotions may not be enough to protect your skin from the elements in the colder, drier months. Look for: Creams or balms that contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin/ glycerol, ceramides and petrolatum. I recommend SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream which contains antioxidants and hyaluronic acid and Elta MD Barrier Renewal Complex for its blend of ceramides and lipids.

Consider professional skin treatments

Winter is a great time of year for skin treatments. You need to be careful about excess sun exposure after peels and lasers in the summer months. The winter months therefore are the perfect time to get procedures for skin rejuvenation. We are currently running a special on Venus Viva treatments that can help to stimulate new collagen and restore skin glow. In addition, our office will be offering QWO which is a prescription medicine used to treat moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks. Winter is the best time to get ready for the upcoming swim suit season with QWO treatments. Call our office to schedule a consultation with me to discuss our winter skin offerings.