Before performing Plastic Surgery, I have always recommended that a patient be at their best or optimal weight both to decrease surgical risks and to improve the outcome. As a medical professional, I have seen first-hand how an increased BMI can have damaging effects on a person’s physical and emotional health. There is an increased risk of various cancers, the life changing consequences of diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease. Excess weight certainly takes a toll on the joints, often requiring various joint replacements and causing chronic back pain.  

In my last 30 years practicing as a plastic surgeon, I’ve seen many women who have difficulty controlling their weight. Plastic surgery can change a person’s shape but not their size.  To optimize my patients’ experience, I plan for a “marriage”, so to speak, between shape and size.  Most people have tried various diet plans, exercise regimens and even weight loss surgery but are still frustrated by not achieving their desired weight. 

I have noticed a third trend many of my patients who have successfully lost weight have added to their diet and exercise routine…. balanced hormones. Until I repeatedly saw the dramatic effects on not only weight loss but overall energy level and mental clarity, did I realize how important their hormone balance was to achieving their plastic surgery goals. They not only wanted to look better, thinner or younger but they want to have more energy and feel better too. I am convinced many women, with fat stores stubborn to diet and exercise patterns, only achieved their weight loss when they got their hormones properly balanced…I’m talking their thyroid, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels.

At Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Center-Tyler in order to help facilitate that marriage between shape and size, I recommend a consultation with Dr. Lisa Allen.  She is a Family Medicine physician with a special interest in medically supervised weight loss, hormone optimization and BioTe hormone pellets. I am very pleased we can offer these expanded services in our office to help coordinate our patients experience when a change in both shape and size are desired. So if you are one of the many women struggling with weight loss call for a consultation, we are here to help you be the best you can be!