So the OB/GYN tells my wife “Don’t worry, it took your body nine months to look like this, now give yourself nine months to get it back again”. Nine months came…and went, the baby weight came off, but her body was NEVER the same.

Those of you who have been pregnant know exactly what I am talking about. Children are a gift from God. But the price your body pays can make that gift expensive: stretch marks, skin laxity, lower abdominal bulge, empty sagging breasts, the muffin top and thunder thighs and I am just talking about your husband!

The day after our second son was born my wife made a tragic mistake. I found her standing in front of the hospital room mirror, as she was turning sideways to see her body profile Chernobyl happened…she had a meltdown. Long gone was the size four waist and light between her thighs. In an attempt to soothe her I said what any Plastic Surgeon would say, “don’t worry Honey, whatever you don’t lose, I can always suck out!” Apparently, that was NOT the right thing to say.

Now after twenty five years in practice I can say with confidence you can often get your pre-baby body back with a little help from your plastic surgeon. The Mommy Make Over includes breast enhancement (lift and augmentation), liposuction (trunk, thighs and arms), and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck).

You have control over your dress size with diet and exercise. Your Plastic Surgeon has control over your body’s shape. Women are often frustrated that even after weight loss they still look the same, just smaller. Don’t be discouraged because this is when you are ready to consider vivavideo apk plastic surgery. I have found the best candidates for the Mommy Make Over are near their ideal body weight, in good physical/emotional condition and have someone to help them with their post-operative recovery.

In the next few blogs I will discuss in depth the Mommy Make Over surgical options and recovery.

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