The gray hair at your temples certainly makes a man look more distinguished at 50+ but the heavy looking eyelids, waddle under your chin, empty cheeks and non-existent jawline can make a man look “past his prime”. Since I am well over 50, I know we are not past our prime. In fact I just now have enough wisdom and experience to be the best in my business. So the challenge for me as a Plastic Surgeon became how to restore the cutting edge appearance to the male face & neck without giving a man an “overdone” or feminine look. Hollywood has no shortage of bad examples of male facelifts on once handsome men who are now unrecognizable.

In the past few years I have experienced a dramatic increase in male patients seeking plastic surgery. So I developed what our office calls the “Forbes” Facelift:

This is a non-feminizing facelift designed just for men seeking to maintain their competitive edge in business or to restore a more “healthy” appearance. My goal is to make you look like a better/more youthful version of the successful man you have become.

What makes this facelift procedure unique to men is the emphasis on restoring a sculpted neck, eyelid skin/lower lid fat removal, replenishing cheek volume, as well as jaw line re-contouring. In order to achieve maximal results this will require a combination of surgical and non-surgical procedures. A neck lift will restore a more youthful definition to a man’s neck without giving him that “feminine” pulled tight look on his face. A blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) is often necessary to remove lax skin on the upper eyelids and to remove the fat pads under the eye that give a man’s eyes that tired, heavy look. To address the cheek skin laxity Dr. Harrison combines dermal fillers or micro fat grafting and skin excision to refill the hollow look in the mid face. Jaw line re-contouring also uses dermal filler to augment the chin & lower face area and restore the crisp masculine line of the jaw. Botox can also be used to soften deep wrinkles without giving a man that “frozen face” look.

I will also encourage an easy skin care regimen with Physician grade SkinMedica products to help with skin tone and texture. I have watched my wife scrub her face each day, apply skin care products and thinking to myself “glad all I have to do is shave”! Well, I actually had to start doing more than just shaving my face once I turned 50+ so here is what I use each day: SkinMedica products- exfoliating cleanser in the shower, then I put TNS Essential Serum and Lytera on in the morning. At night I use a retinol to increase the turnover of skin. That is it, and if I can remember to do it then you can too.

Every man is different and after a consultation I will design a procedure plan that is customized to meet your needs.

Time to Man-Up!