Welcome to the practice of Dr. Craig E. Harrison, a board-certified plastic surgeon providing comprehensive cosmetic and reconstructive services at his practice in Tyler, Texas. Dr. Harrison successfully combines art and science to provide patients with an enhanced appearance and an improved self-confidence through advanced procedures. Safety is a top priority, therefore Dr. Harrison does most of his procedures in a hospital setting.


Used for skin rejuvenation and hair restoration, PRP is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets. The concentration of platelets — and, thereby, the concentration of growth factors — can be 5 to 10 times greater (or richer) than usual. Thus giving your skin a more youthful look and a head of thicker hair.



Our bodies have a natural repair and healing process that reacts to injury by producing new collagen and elastin. SkinPen initiates this injury response using micro-needling – a technique that creates hundreds of temporary micro channels or openings in the skin without any thermal energy or skin removal.


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