Picking the right printer can be tough, with so many features to choose from, and individual printers with almost any possible combination of those variations available. Here are some pointers to help you find both the right category of printer and the right model within that type, along with our top-rated reviews.

The three most useful ways to categorize printers are by purpose (general or special), intended use (home or office), and technology. Define your needs by all three categories, and you’re well on your way to finding the right printer.

Most printers, including most inkjets that manufacturers market as photo printers are general-purpose models, meant for printing text, graphics, and photos. Special-purpose printers include portable printers, dedicated and near-dedicated photo printers, and label printers. (Even among specialty printers, 3D printers are a unique case, and beyond the scope of this discussion.) If you’re looking for a model to print, say, photos, consider whether you want to print only photos or want a printer that can also produce other kinds of output.

Keeping this mind, we have assembled together a quick and easy guide on deciding the ideal printer for your home use along with basic descriptions of usual terms and even mention the Best Printers for Home use at the end of this guide which will be beneficial to most of the users.

  • Epson L361 Printer

Being 6.4kg in weight, the Epson printer is an all-in-one printer that offers 3 basic functions such as printing, copying, and scanning. The printer type is produced as an ink tank and the integrated scanner is designed to be a flatbed scanner. The printer prints materials in color as well. The printer offers resolution up to 5760 x 1440, thus, your graphic and documents will look stunning.

Using USB as connectivity, the printer can connect to your laptop/PC and link in order to start printing instantly. In regards to the page yield, the model produces around 7500 pages in color and 4500 pages in black and white. Moreover, it comes with a 4*70 ml original Epson ink bottle where you will find the colors black, cyan, magenta and yellow inside the box. The ink bottle is compatible and uses 4 colors as mentioned such as T6643 (Magenta), T6642 (Cyan), T6641 (Black) and T6644 (Yellow).

The printer prints around 15 pages in color per minute and 33 pages in black and white per minute. When it comes to expenses, it costs around 18 paise in color and 7 paise in black and white – according to ISO standards. Furthermore, the printer supports multiple page sizes such as A4, A5, A6, B5, C6, and DL.

  • Brother MFC-J985DW

If you’ve got to print a lot of text documents on a daily basis, look no further than Brother’s MFC-J985DW inkjet all-in-one. The high-yield cartridges used by the MFC-J985DW should appeal to the home and small office workers who print a lot of text since it offers the lowest cost per page at higher volumes.

This printer also offers ample features for the home office, with built-in fax capability. Quick to scan and make copies, the MFC-J985DW delivers high image quality overall and offers sharp text on basic documents. The MFC-J985DW all-in-one delivers a lot for the money, but the real draw is its low cost per page, which makes it a great deal over time.

  • Canon Pixma TS9120

The Canon Pixma TS9120 is the top home and home-office printer we’ve seen, thanks largely to its best-in-class print speeds and excellent print quality for both text and photos. With six individual color inks, you get some of the best color quality available when printing photos and the ink costs stay reasonable – even with the additional inks.

Scanning and copying are built-in and offer sharp detail reproduction at decent speeds. The entire device is controlled with an adjustable 5-inch color touch-screen. This printer even prints disc labels on CDs and DVDs. Whatever sort of printing you need, the quality and bang for the buck offered by the TS9210 make this the best printer to get.