In my last blog #3, I referred to the diversity of peoples shapes and sizes. So when I discuss abdominoplasty or tummy tucks there is no one and only procedure that is best for all patients. Based on your physical examination and goals I design a personalized procedure. I have identified four major groups women fall into regarding the need for a Mommy Make Over.

Group #1 are size 0-4: Barbie has a Baby- You know who I mean…the friend who complains “after little Johnny was born it took me two whole weeks to get back into my skinny jeans” For these fortunate few who come to my office with a thin trunk, a flat belly and just some minimal but vexing lower abdominal skin laxity then a mini tummy tuck is appropriate.

Group #2 are size 6-8: Not heavy but has a lower abdominal bulge that won’t go away no matter how many crunches. I hear these patients complain, “ I am in full body spanx and I still have to suck in my poochy tummy”. What happened is their pre-baby shape worsened with each pregnancy. They might benefit from some isolated liposuction, the removal if some lower or upper abdominal skin (reverse tummy tuck), and tightening of their abdominal wall. Let’s call this a modified abdominoplasty.

Group #3 are size 8-10: Not overweight but still look 5 months pregnant. Spanx won’t do the trick. These patients have excessive skin and abdominal wall laxity above and below the belly button. It can be compounded by skin hanging over a depressed lower abdominal scar from a cesarean section or another Gynecological procedure. Thinner patients do not require much if any liposuction. A full or standard tummy tuck would be appropriate.

Group #4 are size 10 and up: Overweight and have excess skin. The majority of my patients have the deformities described in group #3 but are fluffier. They have often given up on the idea of recapturing their former figure. They will require a lot more liposuction to achieve a pretty shape. Ten years ago, when I performed a standard tummy tuck on this type patient they looked different but not better. flipkart app Even though they had a flat stomach from a side view, they would look shorter and wider. The addition of liposuction all the way around the trunk has dramatically improved my patient’s results. I call the procedure a lipo-abdominoplasty or high-lateral tension abdominoplasty.

Group #5 have worked hard and lost a lot of weight but their skin hangs like an inner-tube around their waist. Those who have laxity of their skin, which extends questions to ask your boyfriend beyond their hips, will require removal of skin around to their upper buttocks. This means the incision will go all the way around from front to back. We call this procedure anextended abdominoplasty.

So is there anything special about the way I do a tummy tuck?


Most other plastic surgeons use drains when doing a tummy tuck but I don’t any longer. Ask any of your friends about their tummy tuck experience and they will almost universally talk about how much they hated their drain tubes. For the last 5 years I have adopted a technique of progressive tension sutures (internal quilting sutures) which has allowed my patients an easier, drain free recovery.
Pain control is another issue. I utilized a pain pump for many years to help in post operative pain control but this left patients having to fiddle around with an external pump and catheters. I now use a long acting local anesthetic into the tummy tuck areas to give up to 72 hours of numbness. And pain relief.
I design your incisions so they are concealed within your undergarments and create balanced lower abdominal proportions. This way you will have a pleasing appearance dressed or undressed. Certainly there are scars but I place them where they are the least visible. No sense in giving you back a bikini ready body if your scar is visible in a two-piece.
I will also modify the size of your navel if it is large so it will be more proportionate to your flat tummy.

During your consultation I will listen to your goals, examine your tissues, and will discuss your various options. My staff will be happy to assist you and I look forward to helping you with your Mommy Make Over.

We strive to exceed your expectations.