People come in all shapes and sizes. Ever wonder why? I have four sisters and consider myself to be very observant. The one thing I learned from them, by the time I was in 5th grade, was if they gained 10 pounds- 9 of it went to their butt and only 1 pound went to their boobs…if they lost 10 pounds- 9 of it came from their boobs and only 1 pound left their butt.

Our unique genetics will determine the areas where fat will be deposited during times of hormonal changes and weight gain. Women begin to have a more feminine shape at puberty and those changes are often exaggerated with pregnancies. Ever wonder why your sister got your mother’s big boobs while you got your grandma’s thunder thighs? That answer is way above my pay grade, but my sisters would say that it is your mother’s fault!

There are two layers of fat in all people. The superficial layer which is fairly uniform thickness, is exercise and diet sensitive while the deep layer which is more variable in thickness is exercise and diet resistant. That is why many women will complain that they had lost 25 pounds and their clothes fit better but they look the same! So when you lose weight you will get a size change due to changes in the superficial fat layer but not a shape change because there is little volume change in the deeper layer.

That is where liposuction comes to save the day. Areas typically treated include: neck, arms, breasts, abdomen, back, hips, flanks, saddlebags, proximal thighs (inner thighs) and ankles. Liposuction is a procedure designed to specially remove the deep layers of fat while preserving the superficial layer. This is accomplished by injecting tumescent fluid into the deep fat and then a liposuction cannula is inserted thru a small puncture wounds to remove the deep fat and thus altering your shape.

Since liposuction is more powerful on shape changes, I encourage patients to be at their best weight before operating. Everyone isn’t going to best cooling pillow review get back to the weight they were when they graduated from high school so no chart dictates a goal weight. Liposuction can produce miraculous shape changes but it isn’t magical. For example, liposuction cannot tight your skin or gets rid of cellulite. Skin tightening procedures will be discussed further in my next blog.

Your postoperative recovery will often be determined by the area or areas treated. My patients wear compressive garments for 6 weeks post op during which time their tenderness and swelling will subside. Full improvement will be realized for around 3 -4 months post op. The addition of liposuction to skin tightening procedures (tummy and buttock thigh lifts) has greatly enhanced my patient’s body contouring results. As in all surgical procedures, there are risks associated with liposuction, which will be discussed during your consultation.

My next blog will conclude the Mommy Make Over with the Abdominoplasty