Find the Answers to Many of Your Questions:
Q. Regarding registrations with MyTouchMD: What if I am having trouble registering?
A: If you are trying to register and receive the error message such as “the code has expired”. The human verification code in the box changes with each registration attempt. If a field was left blank or entered incorrectly then a new Human Verification code will be issued and needs to be reentered. Make sure you erase the old code before entering the new one. If this does not solve the problem, then close your Internet browser, go back to our website, click myTouchMD and re-try.
Q: Why is the Doctor Registration Code not working?
A. Please use the code HARRISON (all capital letters) for the Doctor Registration Code.
Q: Where can I find the videos I am to watch before coming in for my appointment?
A: The surgical videos will be found under the Learning Library tab in your myTouchMD account. Click on the body part that corresponds to your interest, there you can click on the overview tab and watch the video. By doing this before your consult, you will be able to secure your full appointment time with Dr. Harrison.
Q: Do I have any Brilliant Distinctions Program Reward Points for surgery?

Q: Do I have any Allē RewardsPoints for surgery?

A: Log into your Allē Rewards account and print your Allē Rewards points coupon or at least write down the code and bring it to your appointment. The office does not have access to your account…only you do.

Q: Can I apply/redeem my Brilliant Distinction Rewards Points for surgery?
A: No, only Allergan Products, Botox, Juvederm, Voluma and SkinMedica.
Q: Why can't I fill out my new patient paperwork or update my paperwork when I arrive for my appointment?
A: You certainly may if you arrive at the office 30 mins before your scheduled appointment. This will assure you get the full amount of time Dr. Harrison has scheduled for your consultation.


Q: What do I do with my new patient paperwork after I have printed and completed it? What if I don't have a printer?
A: Bring your completed paperwork with you to your initial consultation. If you do not have a printer we will be happy to mail the paperwork to you or you can arrive 30 minutes early and fill it out in our office.
Q: How do I find out about the special offers each month?
A: We send out an e-mail special with a Staff Pick every two months during the first week of the month. You can sign up for this email on our web site.
Q: Does Dr. Harrison participate in a Blue Cross Blue Shield network program?
A: No, we are not in network with BCBS, but if you have out of network benefits, a visit can be possible. Each plan is specific and our insurance department would research that for you.
Q: What hospital(s) does Dr. Harrison perform surgery at?

A: Most cosmetic cases are performed at an outpatient surgery centers in Tyler, Longview and Dallas.  For surgical procedures requiring an overnight hospitial stay Dr. Harrison operates at UT Health, Christus Trinity Mother Frances and Longview Regional.  If insurance is paying for your operation, Dr. Harrison will perform surgery at your “in network hospital”, based on your plan.

Q: Does Dr. Harrison charge for his initial consultation?

A: Yes. If you schedule surgery within 6 months this consultation charge is deducted from the surgical fee.

Q: Do you offer pay-out plans for plastic surgery?
A: No, Cash, Check, Cashier’s check, Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover, CareCredit up to $2000 and PROSPER Healthcare Lending.
Q: Do I have to pay the full amount, including the hospital fee, before my Cosmetic surgery date?
A: Yes, payment is due two weeks prior to your scheduled surgery date.
Q: How do I apply for PROSPER lending?
A: Click here and you will be directed to their site where you can complete the application online. You will not need a Provider Number as you enter from our website.
Q: Is breast reduction covered by insurance plans?
A: In some cases, yes. Dr. Harrison will consult with you then our office sends a predetermination letter with the specifics of your case and any symptoms you are having. Once insurance replies (usually within 4-6 weeks) with an approval, your surgery can be scheduled. If insurance denies your case, we could at that time give a cosmetic price quote for your reduction surgery.
Q: Does our office have before and after photos?
A: Yes we have (permission granted) pre and post operative photos available for viewing in the office during your consultation. In the same way we will protect your right to privacy, we also protect the privacy of our patients and do not post these photos on the Internet.
Q: What if I need to cancel my surgery after hours the day before?
A: Call the answering service @ 903-535-7722 and ask them to page Dr. Harrison. He will need to contact the hospital as soon as he can to control their loss of production for that day. Cancellation fees will apply.
Q: How do I schedule for a consult? Can I schedule online?
A: Call our office, (903) 535-7722, during business hours to schedule your consultation and begin the process of learning about your desired procedure. Appointment scheduling is not done online.
Q: Why do I have to stop taking my diet pills before surgery requiring general anesthesia?
A: The American Society of Anesthesiologist insists discontinuing diet pills at least 2 weeks prior to surgery or the case will be cancelled. No exception!
Q: After liposuction how long will I wear the surgical garment?
A: The garment is designed to control swelling, bruising and mold the soft tissues. It is to be worn 24/7 for the first 2 weeks post-op, then removed only to shower (up to one hour daily) for a total of 6 weeks.
Q: Will I need a recent mammogram before my breast surgery?
A: Yes, if you are older than 35 with a positive family history of breast cancer or if you are over 40.

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