Prior to your initial Office Visit:
After discussing any procedure(s) with our office staff, you will receive a customized packet containing information on the specific procedures you have in mind. Generally, patients have considered a particular procedure for some time before contacting our office. We advise you to research various procedures before your initial office visit.
Initial Paperwork

You will be greeted by our office staff and asked to complete some patient information sheets (unless you’ve already filled out these forms mailed in your customized packet or downloaded prior to your initial office visit). Next, you will watch an instructional videos through My TouchMD on the procedure(s) you have in mind. We find the instructional videos particularly valuable because it allows a visual aid to reinforce the information that you may have read through in the brochures that were mailed to you beforehand.


Following the instructional video(s), you will move to your consultation with Dr. Harrison. He will begin with a review of your medical history records before focusing his attention on understanding the particular issues that are concerning you. This part of the consultation is done in front of a mirror so that you and Dr. Harrison can see the area(s) in question, using marking pens to demonstrate potential incisions and pertinent anatomic concerns (the consultation portion of your visit lasts approximately 45 minutes to an hour). Once your goals are established, Dr. Harrison will spend the remaining time talking through your options (relative advantages and disadvantages of these options) and developing a plan to help you reach your goals.

Meet with our Patient Coordinator
Lastly, you will have the opportunity to meet with our patient coordinator to discuss the procedure(s) and associated cost(s) (cosmetic surgery fees are usually collected two weeks in advance of your planned procedure). Also, you will receive some supplemental information in order to further educate you concerning your proposed procedure(s).
Next Steps…
A second complimentary pre-operative visit is always planned when a patient decides to proceed with surgery. This gives our patients time to conduct further research by taking time to consider their options and receiving other consultations. At your second pre-operative visit we will review your goals and you will receive (1) more specific details regarding pre and post-operative care and (2) your prescription so your medications are ready before surgery. Please keep in mind, our office is always available if questions arise and our staff is very knowledgeable and a great resource to patients, having personally experienced various surgical procedures themselves.

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