Forbes Face & Neck Lift-
This non-feminizing face lift is designed just for men who are seeking to maintain their competitive edge in business or to restore a “healthy”, younger apprearance. What makes this face lift procedure unique to men is the emphasis on restoring a sculpted neck, eye lid/lower lid fat removal, replenishing cheek volume, as well as jaw line re-contouring. In order to achieve maximum results this will require a combination of surgical and non-surgical procedures.

What You See- The gray hair at your temples certainly makes a man look more distinguished at 50+ but the heavy looking eyelids, waddle under your chin, empty cheeks and non-existent jawline can make a man look “past his prime”.

Best Candidate- If you look in the mirror and are unhappy with your lack of neck definition, jowling near you mouth, droopy eyelids and feel like you are losing your edge, then the Forbes face lift is the remedy. This procedure will require some “down time” so men seeking this surgical option need to have realistic expectations. This will not make you younger…you will only appear younger. The best candidate is a mentally and physically healthy man who is a non-smoker and at a stable weight.

Risks & Complications- All surgery carries some uncertainly and risk but when performed by a qualified plastic surgeon complications are infrequent and usually minor. The common effects of any surgical procedure can be expected and will include: swelling, pain, scarring, bruising, the need for eye lubrication, tight feeling around your neck/whole face and fatigue from anesthesia.
Complications can include: (if a blepharoplasty is also done) temporary blurred vision, swelling of the eye conjunctiva (chemosis), temporary dry eye symptoms, hematoma, wound healing problems, facial nerve injury and minor asymmetry.

Before Surgery- Prior to your first appointment you will be asked by the staff to register on My Touch MD, watch relevant videos and read information about the procedure you desire. The surgical consultation with Dr. Harrison will take about an hour. A surgical plan and a discussion of your goals will be agreed upon at this time. Photos will be taken, a detailed medical history and physical will be discussed and we always leave time for you to ask questions. Relevant consent forms will be emailed to for review. After your surgery is scheduled you will have a pre-operative appointment to sign consent forms, review the surgical plan, receive prescriptions, discuss pre/post operative written instructions, have blood work done and make any final payments. Dr. Harrison will start you on a skin care regimine to improve the quality of your skin preoperatively. This will ultimately give a better result because your skin is healthier. Men also need to be clean shaven for this procedure.

The Surgery- A neck lift will restore a more defined, masculine jaw line without giving a man that “feminine” pulled tight look on his face. A blepharoplasty (eyelid lift) is often also necessary to remove lax skin on the upper eyelids and to remove the fat pads under the eyes since it give a man’s eyes that tired heavy look. To address the cheek skin laxity, Dr. Harrison combines dermal fillers or micro fat grafting and skin excision to refill the hollow look in the mid face.
Jaw line re-contouring may require dermal fillers or microfat grafts to augment the chin & lower face area. Botox can be used to soften deep wrinkles without giving a man that “frozen face” look. The incisions are placed in front of the hair line, under the chin and around your ear to gain acess & remove excess skin. Liposuction may be used to debulk a fatty neck.

After Surgery- Generally patients spent the night in the hospital after this procedure. Before leaving the hospital the following day, Dr. Harrison will remove/replace your bulky head dressing and may remove the neck drain. You will need to have made prior arrangements for transportation home from the hospital and someone to help with your care. Dr. Harrison will instruct you to keep your head elevated for several days, (if a blepharoplasty is included) keep your eyes lubricated with drops during the day and ointment at night and use the Swiss therapy eye mask (provided to you) to reduce swelling and irritation. Your stiches will be removed at your post-operative appointment within 5-6 days. It is normal to experience bruising around your eyes, excessive tearing, blurred or double vision and increases sensitivity to light during the first 10 days after surgery. It is normal for your face and neck to have a tight, numb feeling for several weeks. Showering may resume at 48 hours postop.

Getting Back to Normal- Your activity level needs to be kept to a minimum for two weeks (no heavy lifting, stooping or straining) but you can get back to the gym in three to four weeks. Most people are presentable to go “out in public” or back to work within ten days of surgery. If you have also had a blepharoplasty, you should be able to read or watch television after two or three days. You will not be able to wear contact lenses for several weeks. You may need to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from sunlight and wind. If you want to avoid too many questions from family & friends, Dr. Harrison suggests that growing a beard after surgery can act as a good disguise or camouflage.

The Results- Be patient, the final result takes months to be fully realized. Once the bruising is gone you will notice the scars can be slightly pink for six months or more after surgery. Scars usually fade to a thin white line that even you will have a hard time seeing. People may say you look more rested or alert but not be able to tell you have had plastic surgery… unless you tell them. You can expect these results to last for many years so enjoy your healthy, competitive edge appearance!

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