Jungle Scout has both a web app and Chrome extension that address different needs but work well together. The Web App allows you to search for and find certain niches whereas the Chrome Extension allows you to really evaluate your chosen products and search terms. With the Chrome Extension, you can see a range of product information on one dashboard, saving you the hassle of having to click on each product to take you to different pages.

The Chrome Extension integrates with Google Chrome and helps by gathering specific data and information on products on Amazon. The Chrome Extensions gives you data to help analyze your products such as sales trends, FBA fees, average product reviews, and price trends. With this data, you can quickly and easily assess how competitive and worth-while a product is. There is a way to get a huge chrome extension jungle scout coupon code 2019. Here we are with an amazing Jungle Scout Coupon to get a discount and we will tell you how to use it.

What’s the difference between JungleScout web app and browser extension?

They do different things.

With the browser extension, you start with products and get their stats. So you will open an Amazon search page and see how many sales each product on that page is getting. It’s useful when you already know what you want to sell. For example, you know you want to sell baby blankets, so you will use it to see which baby blankets are selling the best, what’s the demand for this product.

With the web app, you start with a set of criteria and get products. So with it, you find products to sell. You enter a category, price, minimum estimated sales – and get a list of products that match your requirements. It is useful to find product ideas with high demand in a niche that you like.


  • Sales Estimator: For free, you could promptly see an exact estimate of month-to-month sales for an Amazon merchandise – merely enter the sales position available on the original listing.
  • Webinars: The Jungle Scout Webinars are excellent since they respond to the queries that most people Amazon retailers provide as people are on this quest. It is beneficial to listen to an additional expert speak via similar situations or even solution comparable questions.
  • The Genius Series: You will have issues to conquer as an Amazon vendor. However, Jungle Scout has developed useful information for these problems that customers have requested assistance on.
  • Million Dollar Casing Research: Carry out each detail from Jungle Scout’s merchandise launch, Jungle Stix. The firm’s objective would be to reach $ 1, 000, 000 to show phase in the process. It was encouraging to me after I started.
  • The Listing Grader: This no-cost software makes use of a Jungle Scout algorithm to assess the Amazon list as well as provides techniques the list could be optimized.
  • Collaborative Merchandise Launch: It provides a lot more comprehensive details regarding the Jungle Stix merchandise. Incidentally, almost all the cash from the Jungle Stix merchandise could be donated to “Doctors without Boundaries.”