Some women are more discriminating about the shoes they buy than the surgeon they let operate on their face. More and more physicians, many for economic reasons, are choosing to do surgical procedures in their office that they may or may not be trained to do. This includes plastic surgery.

Just because someone calls himself a cosmetic surgeon or a facial plastic surgeon…it does not make them a board certified Plastic Surgeon. In the state of Texas, there are no limitations on what types of medicine or procedures a physician can do in their own office. mobogenie app download Let me put it this way…I CAN deliver a baby in my office, but I should NOT. I did 8 weeks of OB/GYN training, but I would never get privileges at a hospital to deliver babies-nor would I feel morally correct to do it.

Although, the only advantage I could offer in that situation would be a barely-there C-section scar!

In the past, when most operations were performed in a hospital, the Medical Staff of the hospital served as the guardian and protector of the public. The Tesla model3 price medical staff would make a judgment call based on a physician’s training and experience who was or was not suited to do certain operations. That level of scrutiny goes out the window in non hospital facilities.

There is nothing inherently wrong in doing many procedures in individual doctor’s offices. What I would strongly urge you, before you elect to have a surgery done in a non-hospital setting, is that you ask if your surgeon has privileges to perform that same procedure in your local hospital. If not, why not? Buyer beware!!! “Keep your heels, head and standards high.”

by Dr. Craig E. Harrison