Maybe I was just an inquisitive child, but I do recall times when I was fascinated by my grandma’s upper arms. I would sit next to her in church and push on her soft, flabby upper arm fat and watch it rock like a metronome. Lucky for me Grandma did not seem to mind, as long as it kept me quiet. Fortunately, the stigma of having cosmetic surgery, which kept her from considering any changes, has been replaced with more information and acceptance of people seeking improvements.

In regards to Arm Lift Surgery, Plastic Surgeons traditionally placed the incision on the inside aspect of the patient’s arm so that the scar could be concealed with one’s arm at their side. Frankly, the best cases shown at nation meetings had marginal improvement. Often the results were so meager that the only way to tell the pre-op photos from the post-op photos was the presence of the scars!! The scars tended to be thickened and purple and they were very visible to the patient.

About 10 years ago I adopted a different surgical technique which moved the scar to the back of the arm. The resulting contour of the arm and the quality of the scar were far superior to the traditional method. Is the placement of the scar more visible? Perhaps to others, but when is the last time you looked at the back of your arm? I also employ the embrace scar system to maximize the quality of the scars for 6 weeks post-op. My patients are very pleased with the result and change in their arm appearance.

So, if you find your arms are a source of entertainment for small children, perhaps it is time to consider an upper arm lift. My Grandma would have loved me being a Plastic Surgeon and she would have had her arms fixed!